About us

Our company’s main purpose is manufacturing of amusement attractions. We make carousels and all sorts of carnival  equipment.

The company AlesTechnic s. r. o. produces for its clients a wide range of attractions from the simplest ones to the most sofisticated ones that will deliver a terrific experience.

Our company, that has the know-how passed through generations, can satisfy any needs and requests the client can have on his amusement attraction. Once the customer comes to us with the idea of an attraction, we start working  immediately and often times offer several improvements to make the experience from the desired attraction as perfect as possible.   Thanks to modern technology and our own creativity we make the customer’s dreams come true. Furthermore, we focus on perfection by thorough preparation, that will not miss a single detail from the designed production.   AlesTechnic s. r. o. offers attractions such as Extreme, Break Dance, Fun House, Bobsled track or a Big floor carousel. We also provide repairs and overhauls of carousels . We are the #1 company on the market because of the usage of modern technologies, our own creativity and our know-how that is passed through generations.   Our complementary services are: production of amusement attractions, production of carousels, repairs of  amusement attractions and carousels, overhauls of amusement attractions and carousels.

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